More is dedicated to cataloguing the work of R. Scott Gladden.

Photo of Scott Gladden

Scott Gladden

The information gathered here will be used to compile aScott Gladden book of Scott’s work for his family, friends, and colleagues. As you review this site, please take the time to share any information that you have about Scott and his paintings.

For each artwork, the following information is needed:

  • Title: the title Scott gave each work (or the article/book title for an illustration). Titles with quotes are not real titles: I’ve made up some of them just so I can keep things straight.
  • Date: the date signed on a work, or if that is unavailable, the date it was completed; approximate dates for either will be helpful.
  • Owner: the current owner of the painting. If you have the contact information for the current owner, please send it. I will not publish anyone’s contact information, but having it will help me to contact the owner and request an appointment to photograph the work.
  • Signed: whether a work is signed, and how Scott signed his name.
  • Dimensions: the width and height of a work.
  • Medium: the medium and surface of a work.
  • Notes: Stories behind a work: the location, the reason Scott painted it, why the owner purchased it, what the painting means… Any kind of background information, no matter how insignificant it might seem, is a gem. Please share.

How to share information about…

  • Something that’s on this website : Once you’ve found the work, click on the photograph of it to open a larger version. In the popup window, click on the link to “Send Information About This Painting.” Please note that some of the information I’ve listed may be incorrect. If you see something you suspect is not true, tell me. Also, paintings which are not signed may not be Scott’s: if you can confirm that a painting is or is not Scott’s, send that information along.
  • Something that’s not on this website: If you cannot find a work you know about, then follow the link to Share Information. This is most important category: if you know of anything that is not listed here, please send me what you know.
  • General information: To share other information about Scott and his work, follow the link to Share Information.
  • Trouble using this site: If this site is confusing, or you cannot use it, email me and I’ll find another way to work with you.

Thank you for your help, and enjoying browsing the site.

Jessica Moore